Forestry work to begin at Hazlehead

Aberdeen City Council is undertaking forestry works in Anderson Wood at Hazlehead Park from tomorrow (Wednesday 14 December).

The work will involve thinning the woods to create space for the remaining trees to grow. As part of the planning and preparation for this work Aberdeen City Council has commissioned surveyors to check trees for red squirrel dreys (nests) so that the trees around them can be left to avoid disturbing this protected species.

This work, which will last for approximately two months, is part of the conservation plan prepared for the woods to ensure they are managed sustainably to promote good quality woodland for biodiversity, timber production and public access.

A spokesperson for Hazlehead Park said: “Anderson Wood is a great place for wildlife and for people to explore. This work will help to sustain the woodland for the future, while also supporting our work to encourage red squirrels back into the city’s woodlands.”

Some footpaths will be closed for safety, but alternative routes will be signposted. Visitors to the park are asked to follow the signs and keep clear of any machinery.