Firework buying advice for residents

Advice was today issued from Aberdeen City Council Trading Standards for people buying fireworks for private displays in their gardens or grounds on Guy Fawkes Night.

Fireworks cannot be sold to under 18s and residents are asked to only buy the fireworks from an established licensed business - and they should also always follow The Firework Code.

Information on The Firework Code can be found on the Scottish Fire and Rescue website at https://www.firescotland.gov.uk/your-safety/fireworks-safety.aspx.

There are two categories of fireworks which can be used in gardens – category F2 and category F3 - and the category will be clearly marked on the outside of the box.

With CAT F2 fireworks, everyone in the party must be at least eight metres away for safety. With CAT F3 fireworks, the distance rises to 25 metres. For people who do not have a garden at least 25 metres long, they should stick to CAT F2 fireworks.

All fireworks must be CE marked, EN15947 compliant and correctly labelled with details of the manufacturer and importer, age restriction, category etc.

Aberdeen City Council trading standards manager Graeme Paton said: “We’d urge people to follow SFRS advice that anyone who does wish to host a private event reduces any risks by ensuring to familiarise themselves with The Firework Code and fire safety guidance.

“Residents holding their own fireworks display should ensure any fireworks they buy are compliant with the regulations, for their own safety. They should also ensure they are compliant with Scottish Government COVID regulations.

“Trading standards officers are visiting businesses on the run up to 5 November to ensure they are adhering to law regarding the sale of fireworks.”

Trading Standards will ensure businesses are aware that fireworks can only be sold from premises licensed for their storage. These premises will normally be inspected annually by Trading Standards officers to ensure the storage is safe and the fireworks themselves meet the safety requirements.

Businesses selling fireworks will be reminded that-

• Fireworks cannot be supplied to persons under 18 years of age;

• Only fireworks that are EN15947 compliant, CE marked and correctly labelled with details of the manufacturer and importer, age restriction, category etc can be supplied;

• Fireworks can only be sold from 15 October to 10 November;

• An A3 sized notice must be displayed in a prominent position, saying it is illegal to sell fireworks to anyone under the age of 18, and it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to possess CAT F2 and CAT F3 fireworks in a public place.