Extension to Licensing hours in recognition of the Queens 90th Birthday

In recognition of the UK wide celebrations for the Queen’s 90th birthday, the Aberdeen City Licensing Board has agreed a general extension of licensed hours on Friday 10th and Saturday 11th June 2016.

The extension means that all onsales licensed premises, with the exception of casinos and premises which currently exceed 14 hours trading in any 24 hour period, will automatically be permitted an extra hour trading beyond the current terminal hour on the 10th and 11th June 2016. Premises license holders will not therefore be required to make a formal application for extended hours on those dates.

Councillor Marie Boulton, the Convener of the Licensing Board said “The Aberdeen City Licensing Board recognised the national significance of the Queen’s birthday this year and wished to give the citizens of Aberdeen the opportunity to join in the celebrations.”

There is no obligation placed on licence holders to take advantage of this extension should they not wish to do so. Further advice if required can be obtained from the Aberdeen City licensing team via licensing@aberdeencity.gov.uk.