Events promoting clean air in the city

Two events are being held to promote ways in which people can help Aberdeen to have cleaner air.

The first is an event being held on Thursday 20 June for the national Clean Air Day, and involves Aberdeen City Council, First Bus, Get About, Co-wheels, the NHS, air quality specialists Ricardos, and Living Trees all with stalls in the pedestrian area outside Marks and Spencer’s in the city centre from 10am to 4pm.

First Bus will be giving away free day passes as part of a national bus campaign, NHS will be joining the Get About team to assist in educating members of the public to use active travel as a healthier option for travel, and there will be three Co-wheels electric and hydrogen vehicles and hydrogen vehicles on show. Aberdeen City Council officers will be highlighting how air quality is measured within the city and what measures can be taken by members of the public to improve air quality.

People attending the event who pledge to do more to help with air quality in the city will be gifted a free spider plant.

The second event Evolution Motor Show is being held on Queen Street beside Marischal College/The Town House on Saturday 22 June, where people are being a chance to try out an electric vehicle, providing they have an appropriate driving licence.

Broad Street will have the largest display of electric vehicles the city has ever had from 10am to 4.30pm, with experts available to chat about the technology and home charging, along with Aberdeen City Council officers about the city’s public charging infrastructure.

Aberdeen City Council operational delivery vice convener Councillor Philip Bell said: “We are actively encouraging people to walk, cycle, or use buses more as they’re not only good for your health, but they’re also good for the city as it means cleaner air. We’re also supporting electric and hydrogen vehicles through a network of public charging points and two hydrogen refuelling stations.

“All of us can play a part and I’d encourage everyone to come along to either of the events as there’ll be a lot of useful and practical information about how even a small change in behaviour can contribute towards making a difference.”

As part of the Clean Air Day event, people are being encouraged to leave their car at home on Thursday 20 June and walk, cycle or take the bus instead.

John Bynorth, policy and communications officer at Environmental Protection Scotland, which is coordinating Clean Air Day nationally, said: “Clean Air Day aims to encourage people living and working in Aberdeen to leave the car behind and explore the excellent options that exist for cycling, walking and using public transport to get about the city.

“Aberdeen’s Clean Air Day public event will give people the chance to see for themselves how they can contribute to reducing car use which will improve air quality, reduce congestion, and bring health benefits to everyone.

“Around 65% of car journeys in Scotland are less than 3.1 miles and many of these short trips are avoidable. We would ask people to leave their car at home on Thursday 20 June and consider walking, cycling or using bus and rail services.”