Equal Pay Policy approved by new Staff Governance Committee

Aberdeen City Council has underlined its commitment to equal pay for male and female employees at the first meeting of the new Staff Governance Committee.

Councillors approved a revised Equal Pay Policy, updating the previous version, when they gathered this afternoon (May 4) for the first meeting of the committee.

The overarching objective of the policy is to ensure compliance with equal pay legislation and to provide reassurance to staff about the commitment from the Council.

Cllr Yvonne Allan, Convener of the Staff Governance Committee, said: “The Equal Pay Policy is clear in stating that the intention is not only to continue meeting obligations but to exceed them – and that is welcome.

“By working with staff and trade unions to eliminate bias there is a strong message to all employees about the values of the Council, underpinned by a policy which states all staff should continue to benefit from a fair and transparent system.

“Training and guidance will continue to be provided for those involved in pay assessment and work will also be done to ensure staff can build a greater understanding of how assessment works and how their pay is determined.

“The revised Equal Pay Policy is a cornerstone for the Council as an employer and the committee recognised that by giving its approval.”

The policy includes a the annual monitoring of pay statistics as one of a number of key objectives, which also include conducting equal pay reviews in line with Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) guidance.