Details of the different phases of a £3.2million project to revitalise an Aberdeen street have been revealed

Details of the different phases of the £3.2million project which will transform and revitalise a city centre street were today unveiled.

The work to Broad Street, which is being changed into a pedestrian-priority area, is to have eight phases which will improve the streetscape and turn it into an area capable of staging events throughout the year.

The design for Broad Street as part of the City Centre Masterplan includes a water feature, trees and benches, improved lighting, and a raised grass area offering flexible event space in front of Marischal College. The traffic lights at Upperkirkgate and Gallowgate are to be removed and replaced with a shared surface for vehicles and a roundel - a mini-roundabout where pedestrians are given priority. There will be a Toucan crossing at the Union Street end.

There will be a handover from the contractors CHAP Construction at different parts of the phases so events such as the Great Aberdeen Run can be held with minimal disruption with the space being available for the Christmas Village.

Members of the City Council’s Finance, Policy and Resources committee agreed at a meeting in March that the Christmas Village would move from Union Terrace to Broad Street and the Castlegate for its third year.

The phases for the work to Broad Street are:

Section one – changing the road on Broad Street to a shared-use space, between Queen Street junction and Upperkirkgate/Gallowgate junction;

Sections two and three – installation of a shared surface roundel and road re-surfacing at Upperkirkgate/Gallowgate junction;

Section four – changing the pavement on Broad Street outside Marischal College to a shared use space, between the Queen Street junction and Upperkirkgate/Gallowgate junction including installation of a water feature, trees and raised grass area;

Section five – improvements to the streetscape on Queen Street including installation of disabled parking spaces;

Sections six and seven – pavement improvement works to existing pavements between Queen Street and Union Street junctions;

Section eight – installation of a Toucan Crossing on the Union Street/Broad Street junction.

The works will take several months to complete and Broad Street will be closed to all traffic from Upperkirkgate to Queen Street during this time. Welcome and constructive discussions have been held with the Disability Equity Partnership (DEP) to further shape the shared space including the choice of materials and colours for the stone.

The temporary traffic order has been granted until 13 January to include the work to Broad Street, and also the build and operation of this year’s Christmas Village. Broad Street will be closed to buses when the Christmas Village is operating. Following the festive period, the new Broad Street will be pedestrian, cycle and bus only.

Broad Street from Union Street is remaining open to allow public access to Queen Street and Marischal College, and there will be continued pedestrian access along Broad Street. The City Council is working with CHAP to ensure disruption will be kept at a minimum.