Councillors updated on progress of city improvement projects

Several projects which are improving infrastructure around Aberdeen are progressing well or almost finished, a council committee heard last night (Wednesday 3 February).

The City Council’s City Growth and Resources committee noted a report on the Town Centre Fund Programme with updates on the various projects and agreed to vire budgets between the approved Town Centre Fund projects to ensure delivery as set under grant condition timelines and to allocate any remaining funds to the progression of land assembly in support of the Queen Street redevelopment project.

The report said in June 2019, February 2020 and October 2020, the city growth and resources committee approved the award of £1,835,000 for the projects.

For all projects, there is an obligation to have committed to expenditure by 31 March 2021 with a project completion deadline of the 30 September 2021. The £1,835,000 of funding was awarded to Aberdeen City Council from the Scottish Government through the Town Centre Fund Programme.

The projects include:

  • a street design project for walking & cycling including environmental improvements at Hayton Road
  • a parklets development where unused spaces are made more useable through seating areas, tables, or bike racks,
  • suspended signage,
  • intelligent street lighting phases 2 and 3, smart technology is used to improve the current lighting in the city especially for event and to improve safety in the city centre,
  • Union Street public realm, works phase 2,
  • Mither Kirk developments,
  • Queen Street building demolition and land acquisition, and
  • energy efficiency renovations for the Belmont Filmhouse.

Committee convener Councillor Douglas Lumsden said: “It’s fantastic to hear the work on all of these projects and everyone involved is to be commended on their hard work and effort, especially in the last year with coronavirus.

“We look forward to all of the projects completing and I’m sure they will make a difference for our residents.”

The project details including the costs can be viewed at Town Centre Fund Report 2.pdf (aberdeencity.gov.uk) .

The committee also agreed that the Chief Officer for City Growth investigate alternative ways to deliver a Living Wall in the city centre.