Council rolls out online registration for Primary 1 pupils

Aberdeen City Council today (Tuesday 12 January) notified parents of the online registration process for children entering P1 classes later this year.

All children who will reach the age of five on or before the start of the new school session on 17th August 2021 should start primary school in August 2021. Children who reach the age of five after the start of the new school session in August 2021, but before the last day of February 2022 may also be enrolled for primary school in August 2021.

Applications should be made by Friday 22 January and parents should visit the following page to begin the process:


The online system requires parents to set up an online account which allows them to find their zoned school by entering their home postcode and also to track the progress of their application.

Education Operational Delivery Convener, Councillor John Wheeler, said: “We have a had a very positive response since we first introduced our innovative new online schools registration system in January 2019 as part of our wider roll-out of digital technology which customers of the Council are benefitting from, particularly now during the current restrictions caused by the pandemic.

“Our schools registration platform makes things much simpler for parents and carers, who are no longer required to travel to schools to collect and then submit an application form as was the case with the old paper system, offering a smoother and far more efficient process.

“I would urge any parents who have not yet registered online to do so as soon as possible.”

Parents and carers of children who turn five after the start of term in August but on or before the last day in February 2022, can defer enrolling their children at school until August 2022.

Parents and carers whose child was born between 31 August and 31 December 2016 and who are seeking an additional year of Early Learning and Childcare (ELC) will be able to apply for the ELC place from 25 January when online ELC applications can be made and indicate that this is a deferred entry request.