Council recruitment scheme works for staff and customers

A new internal recruitment scheme is helping Aberdeen City Council to develop its workforce – whilst more effectively meeting the demand for public services. 

Re.cr.uit (retaining employees, changing roles, using internal talent) was launched in 2021 as a tool to enable the organisation to move existing staff flexibly, quickly and easily into resourcing gaps, to progress their careers with the council or to re-train into alternative roles. 

A report for today’s Staff Governance Committee showed that nearly 200 vacancies have been filled this way so far. 

Employees can join a digital system which finds a potential match to various roles across the organisation. 

Although they may not have all the necessary qualifications, technical skills or experience required for a particular role from day one, employees can still be considered for a post based on transferrable skills and overall “fit” which encompasses factors such as their working style and preferences. 

Then, where required, further training and development can be provided “on the job”. 

Staff Governance Committee convener Councillor Yvonne Allan said: “As a modern employer we are taking a flexible and innovative approach to recruitment. 

“The new scheme is about encouraging and supporting employees to consider new and alternative roles, for which they are a good fit and may have transferrable skills. 

“The re.cr.uit system is allowing us to broaden career opportunities and at the same time deliver the very best service for customers.” 

Feedback has shown that the new re.cr.uit approach has been, overall, a positive experience for recruiting managers as well as employees.

Trade Unions were engaged at key stages throughout the development and implementation of the system.