Council provides new outdoor activity packs to support home learning

Aberdeen City Council is helping parents with children’s home learning during the summer months by providing Family Learning packs with a focus on outdoor activities.

The Council’s Family Learning Service previously created and delivered learning packs in April to helping parents who would otherwise have no access to learning resources or activities during the current Covid-19 lockdown.

234 children from 131 families have received bags containing the activity and educational resources including fun tools such as art supplies, yoyos toy windmills and even magnifying glasses and descriptive drawings to help children find and identify the insects in their gardens

Some 108 families benefited from around 200 learning packs in April as well as through advice and support provided by the team members on issue such as on food, parenting, sleep, mental health, activities and free school meals.

A team of seven officers have taken part in almost 1800 calls, video calls and WhatsApp conversations to help the families through the height of the lockdown.

Councillor John Wheeler, Aberdeen City Council’s Operational Delivery Convener, said: “I must again offer my thanks to Family Learning Service who have, once more done such a wonderful in ensuring that families and children are supported to take advantage of the summer months through fun outdoor learning.

“I’d also like to thank the services, partners and donors who have helped put together the new outdoor learning packs and help children and families experience a greater sense of normality in these challenging times”