Council gets ready for Phase 2 of Covid route map

Aberdeen City Council is preparing for the anticipated move on Thursday [June 18] to Phase 2 of the Scottish Government's route map for the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

The country entered Phase 1 on May 28th and the Council's response to date has involved the safe reinstatement of a number of services, including reopening recycling centres, grass cutting and road repairs.

Work is also taking place to help activity safely resume in the city centre as well as mapping out how children will be able to return to school on August 11.

Phase 2 changes could include more outdoor working and the further resumption of key support services in the community subject to appropriate physical distancing and hygiene measures.

Details of the Council's response to the route map will continue to be shared on our website.

Council Co-Leader Councillor Douglas Lumsden said: "The route map provides a guide to how restrictions might be lifted but as with Phase 1 not everything will happen on day one.

“It is important that we move through each of the phases in a measured manner to avoid a resurgence of the disease and have been working behind the scenes with partners to ensure that can happen.

“Details of the Council’s ongoing response to the route map can be found on the website, which is being regularly updated.”

Council Co-Leader Councillor Jenny Laing said: “As we prepare for Phase 2, the Council continues to drive ahead with our response to Phase 1.

"We have just published our overarching local phased delivery plan for schools and this will now enable individual plans to be produced and published for all our establishments.

"In the city centre our interventions are allowing us to help businesses get back to work and people to once again enjoy all that Aberdeen has to offer.

“We all want to complete this journey – but must do so safely.”