Council approves updated plan to support parental involvement in their child’s education

Aberdeen City Council today (Thursday 3 June) approved an updated plan which supports the involvement of parents and carers in their child’s education.

A refreshed Parental Involvement and Engagement Plan (PIE) which will cover the next three years through to 2024 was approved by Education Operational Delivery Committee. 

The report also outlined the strides that had been taken following the pandemic in accelerating the existing plan and reinforcing the vital role parents play in the aid of learning and development and building relationships between home and school. 

Relationships between pupils, parents and staff are at the heart of the plan with focus on a ensuring we continue to strengthen the home school partnership and creatively involve all parents in their children’s learning, and in the life and work of the school.

The report also highlighted the need to improve the visibility of Family Support available across the city, including those helpful to families of children with additional support needs. 

The report describes community partnership working as being critical in the delivery of services to all families particularly the most vulnerable with the impact of lockdown underlining an ongoing need to tackling inequality and supporting families impacted by food, fuel, financial poverty, mental health and wellbeing issues. 

Councillor M Taqueer Malik, Aberdeen City Council’s Education Operational Delivery Convener, said: “Involving and engaging with parents and carers in their child’s education is part of our commitment to delivering first class education to our pupils across the city.”

Home learning during lockdown has resulted in council officers helping to support parents creatively in their children’s learning particularly with numeracy, literacy and maintaining children’s health and wellbeing. 

Councillor Malik added: “The impact of the pandemic has underlined the importance of this work and we need to continue to build on the relationships between home and school which have been strengthened in many cases as a result of home learning in the last year.”