Council approves new Anti-Bullying policy

Aberdeen City Council today (Thursday 1 June) approved a new Anti-Bullying policy for schools, youth teams and children’s homes. .

The new policy and replaces the previous one adopted in 2009. The new policy applies to all of Education and Children Services and takes into consideration recommendations from the Bailey Gwynne Inquiry including the training of a senior teacher at each school to respond to complaints of bullying changes and agree outcomes with parents.

Schools, youth teams and children’s homes will develop their own local anti-bullying policies with reference to the new policy.

Gayle Gorman, Director of Education and Children’s Services, said: “We have devised a service-wide anti-bullying policy that support staff, children and young people to recognise bullying behaviour.

“Importantly, in creating the policy, we consulted not only with external partners such as Childline, RespectMe and Grampian Regional Equality Council but with children and young people themselves, through extensive group discussions.”

The new policy comes into effect immediately.