Consultation on school holiday patterns gets underway

A far-reaching consultation on holiday patterns across Aberdeen schools is to commence next Monday (18 February).

Aberdeen City Council is asking a range of stakeholders including parents/carers, pupils, school staff, adjoining local authorities and the public for their views on current school holiday arrangements with a view to possible adjustments.

The results of the consultation will be analysed and the summary of most popular options will inform a calendar of dates which will be discussed at the council’s Education Operational Delivery Committee on 16 May.

The consultation is part of a review to address changes which may impact on the suitability of the current long-standing holiday arrangements. Aberdeen is currently one of only six of the 32 Scottish Local Authorities where summer term usually ends on the first Friday in July and the autumn term commences in the third week of August.

One example, suggested in the consultation, is that by returning a week earlier than at present, schools will be in a better position to provide timely assistance and support to pupils regarding arrangements for courses at school, colleges or universities and other forms of continuing learning and training or entering the world of work.

The consultation, which runs until Sunday 10 March, can be found on the Aberdeen City Council website at: