Co-leadership agreed by Aberdeen City Council

Aberdeen City Council has installed co-leaders for the first time in the local authority’s history.

Cllr Jenny Laing and Cllr Douglas Lumsden were appointed at a meeting of the full Council today.

Members voted the administration leaders into their new roles after approving an amendment to standing orders, reflecting the move from sole leadership to shared responsibility.

Cllr Laing, who has served as leader since the current administration was formed in May and in the previous administration, said: “We made our intention clear from the outset to operate with co-leadership, reflecting the make-up of the administration, and we now have the approval of Council to do so. I look forward to working with Cllr Lumsden as we lead Aberdeen City Council together, with ambitious plans for the months and years ahead.”

The administration comprises 11 Scottish Conservative and Unionist councillors, led by Cllr Lumsden, nine Aberdeen Labour councillors, led by Cllr Laing, and three Independent Alliance Group councillors, led by Cllr Marie Boulton.

Cllr Lumsden said: “I’m pleased the steps required to introduce co-leadership have been approved and am proud to serve as co-leader of Aberdeen City Council. There are many challenges ahead for residents, businesses and other organisations in the city but Cllr Laing and I are optimistic about the future and will work hard to meet our shared objectives.”