Clean-up Aberdeen 2016

With 159 clean-ups complete, 2720 participants involved and 2521 bags of litter filled – Clean-up Aberdeen has officially wrapped for 2016.

Clean-up Aberdeen, led by Aberdeen City Council’s Environmental Services team, works to encourage the public to take part in tidying up their local area.

In doing so, they vow to help free their community of litter and graffiti, report incidents of fly-tipping and responsibly dispose of litter and mess in their area.

This has been a bumper year for the project with over 2,000 volunteers from local schools, universities, businesses, sports clubs, and community groups joining together at a series of events led by the Clean-up Aberdeen team.

Convener of Aberdeen City Council’s Communities, Housing and Infrastructure Committee Councillor Neil Cooney said: “Clean-up Aberdeen is a tremendous campaign that delivers real results for the city.

“Our public spaces are for everyone to enjoy and if we can influence a change in the litter dropping habits in the city with this campaign then we will be improving the quality of life for residents, visitors and also our city wildlife.

“Aberdeen City Council spends over £4million each year on clearing litter from Aberdeen’s streets and open spaces. We have dozens of staff who work hard to keep our city clean, however, they can’t be everywhere at all times so these community efforts are to be applauded.

“Aberdeen is not alone in tackling litter issues. It is a Scotland-wide issue. Householders and landowners spend significant sums of money clearing mess from their own land, and Scottish Government spends approximately £75m of public money on litter and fly-tipping each year.

“Tourism is worth over £4billion per year to Scotland, with scenery and landscape being quoted as the number one reason for visiting Scotland. The consequences of littering are clear, but the benefits are enormous.”

Highlights for Clean-Up Aberdeen 2016 included:

In December 2015 and January 2016 around 500 people volunteered for the Storm Frank clean-up at Aberdeen Beach. Following the devastation that the super storm brought to the city, volunteers worked tirelessly to repair the area so it was safe for visitors.

In March, the Clean-up Aberdeen team joined the National Clean for the Queen campaign, which involved clean ups across the city led by Environmental Services who cleared parts of the old railway line.

In May, the Clean-up Aberdeen team joined forces with staff and students from Hazlehead Academy and staff from Co-op stores across Aberdeen to participate in the European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) annual, Europe-wide day Let’s Clean-up Europe.

Next up was the 24-hour Glitter pick, when 24 locations were cleaned over 24 hours on 24 June. A total of 297 participants from eight schools, four Friends groups, two residents associations, two community flats and two councillors filled 298 bags of litter.

September saw Riverbank School, Adventure Aberdeen and Aberdeen City Council Environmental Services take to the waters in canoes at Pot Heugh to clear litter. The initiative focused on making the area beautiful for tourists and leisure visitors.

Clean-up Aberdeen will be continuing its work in 2017 and any schools, businesses, community groups or individuals interested in getting involved should contact the Aberdeen City Council Environmental Services team.

To contact the team call Aberdeen City Council Customer Service line on 03000 200 292 or email cleanaberdeen@aberdeencity.gov.uk .


Photo caption: Riverbank School, Adventure Aberdeen and Aberdeen City Council Environmental Services take to the waters in canoes at Pot Heugh to clear litter.