City celebrates the success of care experienced young people

The success of Aberdeen’s care-experienced young people was celebrated in a special ceremony at the Town House yesterday (Thursday 29 August).

The event was the second Celebrating Success annual awards ceremony held on behalf of the Aberdeen City Integrated Children’s Partnership and the city’s Looked After Children Champion’s Board to recognise and celebrate the achievements of the city’s senior care-experienced young people who are being, or have been, educated in Aberdeen or in another local authority.

The celebratory event was also attended by representatives of partners Aberdeen University, Robert Gordon University, Sport Aberdeen, Aberdeen Foyer, Who Cares? Scotland.

The S4-6 pupils were feted for their achievements in SQA attainment, volunteering, sports, and dealing with personal challenges.

The event was arranged through Aberdeen’s Virtual School – the first of its kind in Scotland when it was launched in December 2015 – which was set up to support the educational achievement of the city’s children regardless of where they live.

Chief Executive Angela Scott, who is also Aberdeen City Council’s lead corporate parent, said; “I’m proud to be here representing Aberdeen City Council today to show our young people how proud we are of what they have achieved and to provide encouragement as they either continue in formal education or enter the world of work.

“Today has also provided a great opportunity for them to meet some of their corporate parents and other care experienced young people who may have faced similar challenges in the course of their lives.

“As lead corporate parent, it is my role to help ensure that the council, collectively, takes on the responsibility for providing the best possible outcomes for, and safeguarding of, the children and young people who come into our care.

“Our Integrated Children’s team play a hugely importantly role in making sure that these responsibilities are fulfilled. I must also thank them for the effort they have put into today’s celebrations”.

The Partnership and Champion’s Board are looking at the possibility in widening the event in future years to include younger care-experienced pupils.

Photograph shows: Larissa Gordon, Head Teacher Virtual School chat to one of the young recipients at the ceremony.