Cemetery management rules agreed at committee to go to consultation

Updated rules for management of the city’s cemeteries including access for dogs kept on a lead have been approved to go out to consultation to the public.

Aberdeen City Council’s operational delivery committee today agreed to the proposals in the document which includes an improved and clearer description of ornamentation of a grave and where mementoes and memorabilia can be placed ie in the memorial border.

It should be emphasised that mementoes such as cuddly toys or keepsakes are not banned from the city’s cemeteries and there is no proposal to ban them in the proposed management rules.

The cemetery rules were last changed after a consultation 10 years ago which resulted in the banning windchimes as people felt they were too noisy and intruded on mourners.

The committee also agreed to go out to consultation on allowing kerbs, copes, fencing, gravel etc in the memorial border and there would also be guidance on where this is, including a plan, so that families can place their mementoes/ornamentation in the designated memorial area. It should be emphasised there is no “crackdown” or threats to ban memorial ornaments.

The updated rules would also reflect the Scottish Outdoor Access Code and permit the admission of dogs, subject to them being on a lead, under control and not disturbing visitors or staff.

Aberdeen City Council operational delivery committee vice convener Councillor Philip Bell said: “The updated rules, once they have gone out to consultation and are finalised, should ensure more clarity for the public as to where mementoes are allowed on graves, and what else is permitted in a cemetery.”

The City Council will now to go out to consultation with the public based on the proposed rules.