Audit, Risk and Scrutiny Committee considers Wellington Brae report

The review undertaken by Aberdeen City Council into Wellington Brae cycleway project was considered at a meeting of the Audit, Risk and Scrutiny Committee yesterday (26 September 2017).

A redacted copy of the report summarising the investigation into the project has been published. It can be downloaded by clicking on the pdf icon on the right side of this page.

A spokesperson for Aberdeen City Council said: “The information redacted from the report includes information which constitutes, or relates to, the confidential personal information of individuals who have not consented to the publication of that information. We understand the interest in the content of the report but are bound by Data Protection laws.”

Committee members agreed to note the investigation report and recommendations, highlighting a number of specific recommendations, as well as noting the management response to the recommendations of the investigation report. The report will be passed to Audit Scotland for consideration.

Councillors also agreed to instruct the Interim Director of Communities, Housing and Infrastructure to report back to the Audit, Risk and Scrutiny Committee to provide evidence of how a wider review of the Planning and Sustainable Development service will take full account of the need to implement additional safeguards to ensure that any debatable land ownership and contract procurement issues are appropriately escalated, resolved and recorded.

In addition the Committee has instructed the Chief Executive to apologise to former councillor Willie Young on behalf of Aberdeen City Council for the failure to follow council policy and procedure, which placed him in a vulnerable position.

The committee report into the Wellington Brae project, including full findings, can be viewed here: https://goo.gl/HHVm6R .