Artists and Carers bring the outdoors indoors for people with dementia

The award-winning theatre company Spare Tyre and Aberdeen City Council Creative Learning are running a masterclass on working with dementia patients in Aberdeen.

The event will take place next week (Tuesday 11 April) at His Majesty’s Theatre Studio. Arranged by Creative Learning, the innovative event brings artists and carers together in the same space, encouraging artists to think differently about communicating with dementia patients and carers to bring creativity into their work.

By working to create an imaginary garden, participants will learn to make their ideas come to life using sound, smell, touch and colour.

Both workshops sold out immediately, demonstrating the demand for creative approaches to the challenges of ageing which is an area in which Creative Learning has many years of experience.

The Spare Tyre Theatre group has been funded through an Aberdeen City Council Cultural Grant. The workshop has been organised in conjunction with Aberdeen’s Creative Ageing Network (CAN) which connects organisations to run festivals and workshops celebrating and support creativity as we age.