Artist to design special artwork for Remembrance Hall

A special new artwork is to be designed to remember Aberdonians who have lost their lives in conflict.

This focal point for remembrance, commissioned by Aberdeen Art Gallery, will become a centrepiece in the Remembrance Hall to honour all those who served in war time and those who remained at home.

In addition to the new artwork, Aberdeen Art Gallery is also creating a Gallery of Memories on the balcony area and a new digital installation as part of refurbishment works.

Four artists have now been shortlisted for their concepts by a panel of judges including Aberdeen Lord Provost George Adam, Art Gallery and Museums Manager Christine Rew, Head of Collections Helen Fothergill, Curator of Fine Art Liz Louis as well as a veteran and a member of the armed forces.

Councillor Marie Boulton said: “As part of Aberdeen Art Gallery’s £30million Inspiring Art and Music redevelopment project, the Remembrance Hall will be brought to life as a welcoming place for reflection and contemplation.

“The enhanced Remembrance Hall will allow residents in Aberdeen to reflect on lives lost and affected by conflict as well to gain a fuller understanding of war and its consequences through experiences .

“It is fitting that the refurbishment of this unique building, which was added to the original Art Gallery building in 1925, together with the city’s cenotaph, will include its own artwork to reflect the significance of the space and I very much look forward to seeing the final design.

“The concept once again highlights the importance of the Inspiring Art and Music redevelopment project, which is creating a fit-for-purpose, interactive and educational cultural complex to the city and I encourage everyone to be inspired by the work and support the campaign.”

The panel of judges will make the final decision on the winning artwork by the end of the year.

Work is also ongoing to create a fully digitised version of the City's Rolls of Honour, focusing on lives lost during the First World War to mark the 100 year commemoration.

Lists of names of Aberdonians who lost their lives will be projected on the wall opposite the new commission. The original Rolls of Honour books were on display on a marble shelf in the Remembrance Hall prior to closure, but pages were never turned.

The digitisation project will give visitors the opportunity to actually see people’s names associated with each conflict, including civilian and merchant navy causalities.

Similarly, a digital exhibition, Gallery of Memories, will be available to visitors on the Remembrance Hall balcony when it reopens next year and will feature stories from people who live or lived in Aberdeen during times of conflict. The experiences of those left at home is also an important part of the story these new displays will tell.

Aberdeen Art Gallery has recently received grant funding for the full cost of the new projection equipment for the Gallery of Memories from the MacRobert Trust.

Aberdeen Art Gallery is hosting a Sharing Day and invites members of the public to the Maritime Museum on 26 November to share stories, photographs, poems or drawings about their experiences during war and conflict, which could be included in the exhibition on reopening or in the future.

The event is being held on 26 November between 10am and 2pm.

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