Aberdeen school celebrates 60th anniversary in high style

Northfield Academy celebrated its 60th anniversary today in high flying style when a drone camera took an overhead whole school photograph.

The entire pupils and staff arranged themselves in the shape of the number 60 for the commemorative photograph.

Neil Hendry, Head Teacher, said: “We felt we wanted to capture the school of 2016, sixty years after the school opened in 1956. 600 pupils and over 80 staff are included in the photograph. The drone allowed us to get an image which will certainly be one for the school archives.”

In addition to the unusual school photograph, the school has also created a special Northfield Academy App charting the changes in education over the last sixty years.

Mr Hendry said: “We are also delighted to be launching our new school app which anyone associated with the Academy will be able to download from the Apple Store or Google Play free and use it to keep up to date with the life of the school. Again we feel this development shows the journey travelled by the school in the last sixty years.”

Councillor Angela Taylor, Aberdeen City Council Education and Children’s Services Committee Convenor, said: “Neil, his pupils and staff have come up with a wonderful way of celebrating the anniversary of their school and one that will be looked back on with affection for years to come.

“Northfield Academy has been an integral, and constantly evolving, part of secondary education in Aberdeen for sixty years. This special anniversary will, I’m sure, spark fond memories for former pupils and staff spanning the generations”.