Aberdeen Licensing Board caps annual fees for on-sale licensed premises

Aberdeen City Council’s Licensing Board has today (Tuesday 28 July) decided to cap the annual fees payable by some licensed premises as a result of the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Members of the Licensing Board acknowledged the exceptional circumstances experienced by on-sales premises in particular and have agreed to take into account the period for which those premises were unable to trade when calculating the annual fee payable.

As a result, the Board has determined that the annual fee payable by all on-sales premises will be capped at two-thirds of the maximum figure stipulated by legislation. Each of the licence holders will receive notification of the amended figure payable when the reminders are distributed at the end of August 2020.

Councillor Marie Boulton, Convener of Aberdeen City Licensing Board said: “It continues to be a very challenging time for all of us during Covid-19. The Licensing Board recognises the difficult circumstances that on-sales premises, in particular, have experienced this year.

“On top of the loss of earnings they have also had to fund adaptions to their premises which reduces capacity but allows them to keep their patrons safe and complies with the Covid-19 guidance issued by the Scottish Government. That is why we have agreed that it is appropriate that the period for which those premises were unable to trade is considered when calculating the annual fee payable. The Board agreed that this was one way in which we could help licensed premises across the city.”