Aberdeen hydrogen re-fuelling station opens to the public

Aberdeen’s innovation in hydrogen technology took another significant step forward today (27 November) when the city’s Kittybrewster re-fueling station officially opened to the public.

BOC and hydrogen partners Aberdeen City Council, Toyota, and Hyundai hosted a special event to mark the milestone and showcase hydrogen opportunities.

Originally opened in 2015 to fuel the hydrogen buses in operation across the city as part of the Aberdeen Hydrogen Bus Project, the station is now capable of re-fuelling the city’s hydrogen cars and vans. The station has been upgraded to allow 700 bar re-fuelling for cars as well as 350 bar pressure for vans, trucks and buses.

A range of 37 hydrogen vehicles – including buses, cars, vans and trucks - are currently being trialled by various partners across the city. This is set to increase to over 60 vehicles by the end of 2019, including 10 new buses.

Aberdeen City Council’s Hydrogen spokesperson Councillor Philip Bell said: “The strategic importance of Aberdeen’s hydrogen transport projects are becoming ever more apparent.

“By building up our city’s range of hydrogen vehicles, hydrogen infrastructure and expertise we are positioning Aberdeen as a leading city to further develop the sector and explore ways this can encourage inward investment to the region, investigate renewable production of hydrogen as a fuel and assess the viability of hydrogen as an energy storage solution as well as for use in heating.

“By having two stations now in the north and south of the city which are capable of re-fuelling buses, cars and vans the possibilities for the private sector, for business and the public to access hydrogen transport solutions increases.

“Aberdeen is leading the way in Scotland in developing hydrogen as a sector. The city has long had a reputation for energy sector firsts and this has been no different in the city’s ambitious and brave approach to delivering a range of hydrogen demonstration projects.”

The hydrogen sector in the city is part of an overall hydrogen transport, energy and power investment programme that is valued at around £850 million.

Jan Ellringmann, BOC Head of Sales and Marketing UK & Ireland added: “This project - which builds on the success of the existing station - will open the way for businesses and individuals to make greener decisions about how they want to travel, and help Aberdeen on its journey to a brighter, cleaner future. Hydrogen vehicles create zero tailpipe emissions and are quick and easy to refuel, similar to diesel or petrol cars. We’re proud to be part of a global business which has seen more than a million hydrogen re-fuellings completed in its 100+ hydrogen stations worldwide.”

Tony Whitehorn, President and CEO Hyundai Motor UK said “As the demand for zero emission vehicles of all types is increasing at a rapid rate, it’s imperative that the necessary infrastructure is deployed at a pace that matches. For Hyundai, the opening of another hydrogen refuelling station in Aberdeen shows a clear and timely commitment towards hydrogen deployment in the region from both the public and private sector as we ourselves prepare for the imminent UK launch of NEXO, our next generation fuel cell electric vehicle”

Jon Hunt, Manager Alternative Fuels, Toyota said: “Aberdeen has shown a great leadership by embracing and developing hydrogen technology which Toyota also believes offers the greatest chance to decarbonise transport, heat and power. With 18 Toyota Mirai hydrogen Fuel Cell cars in Aberdeen and more to follow we are delighted that another refuelling station has opened to service drivers."