Aberdeen City Council update: School cladding

As part of a comprehensive response to the Grenfell Tower disaster, Aberdeen City Council has conducted a review of materials used on its school buildings. This review has been carried out in line with guidance from the Scottish Government issued to all local authorities and the information gathered is being collated nationally. The safety of all those who use our buildings is always our priority.

During the course of the review it has been identified that aluminium cladding with a polyethylene core has been used in the construction of two extensions to school buildings in the city, both of which are below 18m. These are at the western block of Woodlands School, which closed due to the relocation of pupils at the end of the 2016/17 school session, and on external sections of the games hall at Aberdeen Grammar School.

The materials used in these school extensions were in full accordance with building regulations when they were constructed and the panels in question are not the same as those used at Grenfell. As stated by the Scottish Government, the materials have been used appropriately and following consultation with the relevant Government departments and Scottish Fire and Rescue service we are satisfied at this time there is no risk posed by the materials used.

A spokesperson said: "Aberdeen City Council is being proactive in its approach and will not compromise on safety. We are continuing to work with the Scottish Government and other key partners, including the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.”