Aberdeen City Council to sign up to Recycling Charter

Aberdeen City Council Finance, Policy and Resources Committee has approved a proposal that the city signs the Charter for Household Recycling in Scotland.

The Charter aims to align waste and recycling collection services across Scotland’s local authorities.

Aberdeen City Council is introducing a new kerbside mixed recycling service which comes into effect from next March.

The new collection service will see existing 240 litre general waste bins become mixed recycling bins meaning householders will be able to recycle a wider range of materials at the kerbside than they can at present, including plastic pots, tubs and trays and food and drink cartons. Residents will also be provided with new 180 litre general waste bins when the programme is rolled out.

Councillor Jean Morrison, Zero Waste Sub-committee convener, said: “We have signed up the Charter which will allow us not only to apply for any available funding from Zero Waste Scotland but to demonstrate at national level the important work we are doing to achieve a Zero Waste Aberdeen.

“We are making significant investments in recycling, not only with our kerbside mixed recycling scheme but in building the Materials Recycling Facility at Altens”.