Aberdeen City Council hails care experienced young people as part of national celebration

Aberdeen’s care experienced young people were feted in the Town House today (Friday 15 February) in a special event to celebrate Care Day 2019.

The annual celebration, now in its fourth year, saw young people who have care experience cut a special cake with red icing and council staff wear red to show their support of the event organised by Integrated Children’s and Family Services.

Care Day was the brainchild of voluntary organisation Who Cares? Scotland to celebrate the first anniversary of the Scottish Parliament’s unanimous passing of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Bill 2014 which saw more rights for care experienced young people.

Attending today’s event was Councillor Lesley Dunbar said: “I’m proud to be here representing Aberdeen City Council today as a corporate parent and to be able to welcome some of our care experienced young people, who have been instrumental in co-designing today’s event, to our Care Day celebration.

“As a corporate parent, it is my role to help ensure that the council, collectively, takes on the responsibility for providing the best possible outcomes for, and safeguarding of, the children and young people who come into our care.

“Our Integrated Children’s team play a hugely importantly role in making sure that these responsibilities are fulfilled. I must also thank them for the effort they have put into today’s celebrations working alongside the young people who have joined us today”.

Since 2015, the day has grown and is now recognised across the UK and other European countries, as an opportunity to celebrate the lives and voices of care experienced people.

With events taking place across the country, Care Day 2019 aims to celebrate, connect, champion and motivate the care experienced community, their allies and corporate parents. Aberdeen City Council has been sending out a series of Twitter messages, with the hashtag #CareDayAberdeen, inviting people to like and re-Tweet.

Photograph: left to right: Peter Melrose, Development Officer for Who Cares Scotland, Marie Clark, Team manager at Kingsfield Children's Home,Jason Urquhart,Children's Rights Development Assistant and Councillor Lesley Dunbar,