Aberdeen City Council By-Election Results

Two new members have today been elected to Aberdeen City Council.

Alex Nicoll (SNP) was elected in the Midstocket/Rosemount ward, while Michael Hutchison (SNP) will take up a seat in the George Street/Harbour ward.

The results were announced by Returning Officer Angela Scott after votes were counted electronically at the Town House in Aberdeen this morning (Friday).

Mr Nicoll was returned at the fourth stage of counting with 1,168 votes, while Mr Hutchison also won at the first stage of counting with 961 votes.

Turnout in the Midstocket/Rosemount ward was 2,872 with a total electorate of 11,825 (24.29%), while in the George Street/Harbour ward, it was 1,898 from 12,179 (15.58%).

The by-elections were held under the Single Transferable Vote (STV) system.

Results (On first preference votes): Midstocket/Rosemount

Howard Gemmell (Scottish Labour Party) 605 votes

Tom Mason (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) 672 votes

Ken McLeod (Scottish Liberal Democrats) 238 votes

Alex Nicoll (Scottish National Party) 1,168 votes

Jennifer Phillips (Scottish Green Party) 170 votes

George Street/Harbour

Brian Davidson (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) 195 votes

Euan Davidson (Scottish Liberal Democrats) 96 votes

Michael Hutchison (Scottish National Party) 961 votes

Alex Jarvis (Scottish Green Party) 136 votes

Mike Scott (Scottish Labour Party) 490 votes