Aberdeen bid for World Energy Cities Partnership event confirmed

Aberdeen City Council has moved forward with a bid to host the World Energy Cities Partnership annual general meeting.

The plans were noted by members of the City Growth and Resources Committee yesterday (19 June) after an appraisal of the bid was considered by councillors.

A report to the committee estimated an investment in the region of £52,000 will be required if Aberdeen is successful in its bid – but highlighted economic benefits of at least £113,000 to the city, with delegates from across the world attending the annual gathering.

Cllr Douglas Lumsden, Co-Leader of Aberdeen City Council and Convener of the City Growth and Resources Committee, said: “Internationalisation is vital to Aberdeen’s future and we are working hard to enhance our reputation as a global city.

“The World Energy Cities Partnership is one of the many international initiatives Aberdeen City Council is part of and we would be proud to welcome delegates to the city for the AGM.

“Not only would the event bring significant benefits to the city from the spend generated by those attending, but it would also represent an opportunity to showcase Aberdeen to an influential group.”